Sports Sounds Pro

Sports Sounds Pro

Sports Sounds Pro was designed to be used at live events
Sports Sounds Pro v6.0
12 Dec 2011
Sports Sounds Pro v5.0
12 Jul 2008
Sports Sounds Pro v4.4
9 May 2010

What's new

v6.0 [11 Nov 2009]
This fixes two bugs and adds one new option:
- When you are in "Button Drag Mode" and you drag a sound button to another page in the same group and that button has a customized color, the customized color was not being moved along with the button. This has now been corrected.
- When you are in "Button Drag Mode" and you drag a sound button to a "(Blank Page)", the sound button was removed from its existing page and since there was not a page to move it to, it was therefore lost. The program will now give you a warning when you try and move a sound button to a "Blank Page" and it will not remove the button from its sending page.
- There is now a new option under Setup/Options/Talk called "Hot Keys Ignore Talk Volume Level". Originally Sports Sounds Pro when in Talk Mode would play Hot Keys at their regular volume. This was changed so that when the program is in Talk Mode all sounds would play at the reduced Talk Volume. Several users wanted Sports Sounds Pro to work the old way. With this option, you can set it for your own needs.

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